Another government scheme

Published: Friday, 18 June 2021

ANOTHER government scheme to get organisations to take on youngsters for six months work experience has got CaRT hooked on another publicity drive I see, writes John Coxon.

Probably a few bob in it for them as well?

There have been schemes like this for at least four decades and as far as I can see not one of them has produced the promised results! They're just political propaganda.

Learn in six months?

What are these kids really going to learn in six months. How to make the tea perhaps? Or maybe how to word excuses so that they don't need to do anything! CaRT are full of experts that can do that!

They will, I'm sure, in general, be reluctant to attend. They will in most cases be told if they don't attend they will lose their benefits?  Pressed and or blackmailed into a scheme that they have no interest in just to stand around each day in order to collect their benefit payments just so the government can say we are doing something about the unemployed!

Take on apprentices

It would give CaRT far more prestige if they took on say 10 proper full-time willing apprentices. After all one volunteer is worth 10 pressed men so the saying goes!

But then they would have to pay them and then there'd be less money to pay their pampered photographers, poets or artists wouldn't there?