What a good idea

Published: Wednesday, 09 June 2021

INSTEAD of wasting money on hi tech signs, which speeding cyclists will just laugh at, why not build the same tech into a 'Smart Barrier'? Asks Andrew Claxby.

The barrier would normally unlock at the touch of a button to allow passage in either direction, but should it detect that you have approached it at too high a speed, then it stays locked for a specified time. The faster you approached it, the longer you wait!

Would not effect joggers or walkers

If the threshold was set at say 8mph, this would not affect walkers or joggers, but cyclists approaching above that speed will be made to wait for two or more minutes before the gate would unlock.

Seeing a display counting down from say 120 seconds would ruin the day of a time trialling 'Lycra Lout' I suggest.