More days on the Bridgewater Canal

Published: Monday, 31 May 2021

THE allowable time for free use of the Bridgewater Canal has been increased.

When is was realised that the seven days cruising time allowed away from the navigation before boaters had to return gave little scope for cruising, this has been increased to 10 days before boaters have to return.

Free of charge

This is an agreement between Canal & River Trust and the Bridgewater Canal Company means that boaters can now spend up to ten days cruising away from their home navigation free of charge before returning to the Bridgewater.

There are no restrictions about how far you can travel, but you must return to your home navigation authority within the ten days. You can revisit the Bridgewater Canal again after a 28 days period. But this leaves little scope for say a fortnight's cruise on the connecting waterways and impossible to get to Liverpool and return within the ten days allowed.

£40 must be paid

Should the ten days free allowance be exceeded, £40 must then be paid for a seven days licence, or boaters have to wait until the month is up before they get a further free passage. All bookings have to be made by the internet.