The 'Times' berates the Lycra Louts on the towpaths

Published: Monday, 24 May 2021

THE Times writer Matthew Parris took the Lycra Louts to tasks in his Notebook column in the newspaper.

He berated the cyclists from his own experience with his partner as they hired bikes and cycled for an hour along the Regent's Canal from Mile End to Camden, Roger Fox reports.

White-knuckle ride

Matthew told that it proved a slow-motion white-knuckle ride explaining that if you ping you bell you annoy walkers, if you don't you startle them. 

If you cycle at more than walking pace it's a constant slalom along a narrow path on one side of which is deep water.  Go slow and you lose balance and it is not possible to ride past walkers under bridges with their low arches.

Just isn't on

He believes we should expand the city's excellent super-highway network, making it safe and fast.  But tells that trying to speed along towpaths, as many do, just isn't on.

Ban them—or should I say 'us'? Is his summing-up.