Teenager caught on mobile kicking old man into the Mersey

Published: Monday, 24 May 2021

A TEENAGER had little option but to plead guilty after being filmed kicking a 74 years old into the Mersey.

Which he aggravated by leaving him struggling in the river and walking away laughing, Alan Tilbury reports.

KickingManCanalFilmed the attack

Benjamin Bridgeman, from Orford, was filmed carrying out the attack on the man before running away laughing as his victim struggled helplessly in the water near to Riverside Retail Park.

The 18 years old pleaded guilty to the attack when he appeared in Warrington Magistrates Court, with sentencing adjourned until next month and released on bail by deputy district judge Ian Barnes.

Bridgeman told the court that it wasn't supposed to happen as he did not realise the man was 74 years old and was sorry.

Flying kick

It was shown he viciously delivered a flying kick to the man's back, causing him to topple into the Mersey and bang his head as he fell with the puffer coat he was wearing quickly filling up with water he then having difficulty in breathing as the river was fast flowing.

The man who was magnet fishing managed to keep his head above water and luckily was rescued by two people, then walked home wet through with his family reporting the attack  to the police.