Another basin for restored Chesterfield Canal

Published: Monday, 03 May 2021

A SHORT length of the restored Chesterfield Canal is likely to have three basins.

WorkThe few miles of canal between Staveley and its terminus in Chesterfield seem likely to have three basins should further housing development progress.

Staveley Works site

There is already the Staveley Basin that was constructed by the Chesterfield Canal Trust and a basin at its terminus in the town, but now there is the proposal of yet a furrther basin at the old Staveley Works site.

The artist's impression shows the proposed basin surounded by development that will take in a massive 370 acres.

Range of projects

This is the result of a successful bid for funding by the Staveley Town Deal Board, which submitted a Town Investment Plan to unlock the funding package for a range of projects around the canal around Staveley.

Though both both the Chesterfield and the Staveley works developments show boats moored, there is no chance of this until there is a connection with the navigable waterway.