Boaters want to complain

Published: Friday, 23 April 2021

OVER the months, and more so recently, we have been asked by boaters who to complain to about regarding the state of the waterways.

Their ever deteriorating state, highlighted by the endless number of stoppages and closures of main 'rings' such as the Four Counties and Cheshire over long periods, are of ever increasing concern to boaters attempting to plan cruises, who feel they should be complaining to someone to get some sort of action.

A good start

Your MP is a good start, especially if he/she represents an area containing a waterway, or the charities commission.

To contact your MP simply log on to LINK and enter your post code.

The Charities Commission handles complaints concerning serious non-compliance in a charity that damages or has the potential to damage its reputation and/or the reputation of charities generally. LINK