Culvert failure closes the Llangollen

Published: Wednesday, 14 April 2021

A CULVERT has now failed closing the Llangollen Canal near its junction with the Shropshire Union.

The culvert between bridges 3 and 4 has failed, as a possible breach, with stop planks already in place and the navigation to and from the waterway now closed.


This follows on the stoppage at Swanley Lock (1) last week that was repaired but this is a much more serious stoppage with the canal at the culvert dewatered and neither access on or off the canal, leaving boats marooned.

Recent such failures have taken six months or more to repair, but in this case the canal acts as a water supply from its source at Horseshoe Falls to Hurleston Reservoir just past where the stoppage has taken place, which means that if the culvert cannot quickly be repaired pumps will have to be installed to guarantee the water supply to the reservoir.


This is yet further confirmation of the inadequacy of Canal & River Trust's capabilities of maintaining its waterways and particularly having them in good condition at the start of the season, with at present around 20 stoppages of one sort or another.

In reporting this, our Keith Gudgin added:

Ruined holidays

'Culvert fails closing Llangollen', another waterway closed, adding to the total disaster to the beginning of the season and the ruined holidays of those who have been so looking forward to be able to get out.

This will pile more pressure on the Four Counties as boaters cannot get to Chester, Shroppie closed that way, can't get up Trent & Mersey to the Bridgewater or the Macc closed at Bosley Flight.

CaRT are totally useless and inept. It's about time some major changes were made in the running of the waterways by the government.'