Victor finds no information

Published: Saturday, 10 April 2021

SEARCHING though the Canal & River Trust coronavirus pages there's still nothing about the 'reopening'.

The only prominent dates concerning the coronavirus are the 4th and 28th February and that the page was last updated on the 15th March!

Which, my friends, is not much use for us boaters wondering what the hell we are allowed to do come the official date of Tuesday when people are at last allowed to stay overnight away from home.

Perhaps the tongue in cheek remark—I think it was anywayfrom one of our regular contributors that CaRT prefers the lockdown to last indefinitely to keep us pesky boaters off its waterways has some credibility!

Census in a quandary

There is little doubt that the hundreds of continuous cruisers who managed to get a census form and completed it will have the authorities in a bit of a quandary as a prominent question is 'What is your post code?'

They don't have one.  And of course cannot state where they live.

Which leaves another quandary as those self same authorities will hardly be able to trace them if they need 'proper' answers.

All too often I have been told by continuous cruisers of the difficulty they have in attempting to get their various dues, as they are unable of course to give that all important post code, as they do not have one.  It is a pity that the navigation authorities did not inform the various other authorities of the status of such continuous cruisers when they were created.

Not much to be proud of

I really liked John Coxon's summing up of CaRT's maintenance failures, it actually admitting to 22 such problems at the start of a boating season.

At least one can be deducted as Marsh Lock on the Weaver has at last reopened for navigation, making just 21.

Certainly not much to be proud of eh?


A few years ago, together with the Inland Waterways Association, the River Great Ouse Boaters Association were hell-bent on getting the river navigation away from the hands of the Environmental Agency into those of the Canal & River Trust.

But searching through its website I can find no mention of this proposed takeover any longer.

But searching though our own website I find that over the past few years every single lock on CaRT's  own east running river—the Trent—had a stoppage at every single lock.  All the way from Gunthorpe to Cromwell.

Which perhaps could have made 'em see sense, eh?

More floating lodges

It was a couple of years ago that floating lodges appeared at Sawley Marina, and it seems they are taking hold, as Tattenhall Marina on the Shropshire Union near Beeston Castle is introducing the same.

Opened in 2007 the marina comprises of 300 berths and the usual facilities but they have now received planning permission for six floating holiday lodges that will be moored alongside the narrowboats.

Each lodge will have a deck area together with a living area and bedroom. The accommodation being designed for a small holiday let.

However I learn there is not a good take-up of such things stuck as they are amongst the boats, that at least can occasionally get a change of scenery.

Victor Swift