Treasures of the Hertford Union Canal

Published: Thursday, 08 April 2021

THE volunteers clearing out the rubbish from the drained Hertford Union Canal were amazed at their finds.

HertfordUnionIt was in January the waterway was drained for repairs, with a call for volunteers to clear out the rubbish, who found some remarkable objects, Roger Fox reports.

Dumping ground

In addition to the canal being a dumping ground for tyres many other items were discovered in the mud of the waterway that had been undisturbed for around 20 years.

These included bicycles, the remains of a park bench, a lamp post, car numberplates, mobile phones, an empty safe, plant pots, cutlery, a bird cage, traffic cones, a, BB gun a WW2 helmet and a sword.

Refilled in April

It is expected that the canal will be refilled sometime in April.  Photograph by Anna Borzello.