Less than a week to go

Published: Tuesday, 06 April 2021

WITH the government's announcement yesterday, Monday, once again we will shortly be allowed to stay overnight on our boats.

Then of course we should be able to cruise, from Monday 12th April, though at the moment there is nothing from Canal & River Trust confirming this.

Disastrous time

This should bring to an end what has been a disastrous time for boating, not only for private boaters but for those whose livelihood depends upon boats using the waterways.  For even the continuous cruisers were instructed not to move except for essentials.

And particularly for the hire boat industry that has been for too long at a complete standstill.

What is now concerning boaters is, are they still being responsible for paying their licence fees for the period that a service has not been allowed, with many of you questioning how the trust can legally be allowed to charge for a service that has not been given.