North Oxford Canal moorings dumped in the sludge

Published: Monday, 29 March 2021

THE former boat moorings at Brownsover on the North Oxford have been scrapped and dumped in the sludge.

BrianNoMooringThe former moorings shown above have been moved as the boats were affecting the walkers and cyclists to the pleasant towpath, with mooring no longer allowed, Brian Jarrett reports.

BrianMooringRings installed

The moorings have been moved, with rings installed, to a very sludgy towpath, pictured, that walkers and cyclists hardly use but of course is quite okay for boats, with Brian's photographs showing the difference in the state of the towpaths where he reports 'from his boat in the sludge'.

How different from the former attractive moorings, with Brian asking  "Why are boaters not treated with the same level of respect as cyclists and pedestrians?"

Limited respect for the trust

Little wonder why there is limited respect for the trust from boaters these days as they are very much being treated as second class citizens, as it must realise from the many comments to its various 'consultations'.