Acrid fumes stops Erewash navigation

Published: Thursday, 25 March 2021

A FIRE by the site of the old Stanton Iron Works in Ilkeston closed the Erewash Canal yesterday.

The intense fire had eight fire crews to contain it but caused acrid fumes to be blown across the waterway, writes Roger Spurr.

Doors and windows closed

Police toured Ilkeston with loudspeakers telling residents to keep doors and windows closed as it was not known what particles the fumes carried from the blaze .

The blaze was at Stanton Recycling which started around 11pm on Tuesday night and poured out clouds of the acrid fumes during yesterday with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service on site all day.

It is reported that extensive damage has occurred to the buildings with one roof totally collapsed.

Canal & River Trust

During the incident there was collaboration with Canal & River Trust, Environment Agency and local authorities to ensure actions were as safe as possible a spokesman told.