Tempory fix to Aire & Calder breach

Published: Wednesday, 17 March 2021

THE leaking coffer dam on the Aire & Calder breach has had a 'temporary fix', after it failed.

This has been followed by 'a more robust fix' to secure the seal, which means that again the downstream water levels are stabilising, Keith Gudgin reports.

So again this dewatering of the coffer dam is planned, but not we are informed until next week.

AireLastNot fixed properly

It was a problem with the seal at the breach site that resulted in an inflow of water from the downstream end that caused the problem, as it was obviously not fixed properly by the contractors.

It was in December that the breach occurred, putting a stop to the commercial traffic that takes place from Goole Docks.

No date for repair

As to when actual work will start on repairing the breach, no date has been given.