Child drowns in Kennet & Avon Canal

Published: Monday, 15 March 2021

WHAT must surely be a mothers worst nightmare occurred at Newbury on the Kennet & Avon Canal when her child drowned just before Mothers' Day.

The three years old child was feeding the ducks from the towpath when he slipped and fell into the water, Alan Tilbury reports.

VictoriaParkNewburyFeeding the ducks

He was with his mother just before Mothers' Day happily feeding the ducks in the canal by the childrens' play area in Victoria Park when he fell into the water.

His mother immediately jumped in to save him, and others rushed to help and called the emergency services, that sparked a huge response from police, firefighters and paramedics and the mother and child were rushed to hospital, but despite their best efforts, the child passed away.


Bunches of flowers have been laid by the towpath and slotted through a fence from mothers and their children celebrating Mothers' Day, with one stating 'danger'.