Seven towpath assaults at Trafford

Published: Monday, 08 March 2021

TODAY is certainly not a good news day for the Canal & River Trust's 'Better by Water' campaign.

Following on the three drownings on Wigan Flight now comes news of seven attacks on women on the Bridgewater Canal towpath reports Alan Tilbury.

On the towpaths

Seven sexual assaults have taken place in the past week on towpaths around Trafford Manchester, police have stated.

Every one of the assaults occurred with the victim being approached from behind by a man on a mountain bike, before touching them inappropriately while riding past.

All the incidents have happened since the 2nd March with police appealing for information, stating they may have been carried out by the same person, with four of the assaults happening on one day.

Understandably distressed

Sergeant Helen Bagnall, from Greater Manchester Police, explained:

"Due to the similarity and pattern of this offending, we believe the same person is responsible.  While thankfully no-one has been injured during these incidents, they have left the women involved understandably distressed."