Two replacement failures including Aire & Calder coffer dam

Published: Friday, 05 March 2021

TWO replacement failures reported today cast doubts on the state of workmanship on the waterways.

The coffer dam installed only yesterday, Thursday, at the breach on the Aire & Calder Navigation has failed, the seal allowing water to flow into the proposed workings, Keith Gudgin reports.

Workers are back on site today attempting to rectify the failure, after which eventually work will commence on the repair to the breach that narrowboatworld reported yesterday will take months to complete.

rochdaleNewLiftGrimshaw Lane Bridge

Alas, the replacement of the parts to get Grimshaw Lane Bridge (75A) on the Rochdale Canal working again did not last very long either, that too failing again today.

It was on the 4th February when parts had been sourced for the repair for its mechanical failure and the bridge then tested and reopened.

Alas, even though in the lockdown it has had very little use, it has failed again.

Blamed in 'damage'

This time it is blamed on 'damage', that due to its severity, various components are again needed to be sourced to be able to restore the bridge to allow safe operation.

It will be two weeks we are told, on the 19th March that there will be an update.