Spending it on signs

Published: Wednesday, 17 February 2021

ONCE again Canal & River Trust has the begging bowl out.

SignsBrianThis time it is asking for £1 per month as it is short of money, with Brian D Jarrett telling it beggars believe, and that it will only spend it on more signs.


As an example he sent these two photographs showing how money is wasted on signs, with one sign attached to the gates then discarded to be replaced by another.

All over the system literally thousands of completely irreverent blue signs are appearing telling how good it is to be by water and the like all at cost.

New blue one


Brian's photograph above shows the original grey sign but when the trust went blue so came the new blue one.

But this obviously wasn't good enough for both were discarded and the larger blue sign erected as shown on the left.

It really is obvious were the money is going with signs all over the system being 'upgraded' as obviously someone decides the wording needs altering and the sign larger.