The survey is real!

Published: Thursday, 11 February 2021

THE survey that was thought by many to be a scam is real!

Canal & River Trust have confirmed that it has indeed published a survey to obtain the views of boaters, sending the survey to a third of its customers.

Annual Perceptions Survey

It calls it the Annual Perceptions Survey and is issued via SNAP Surveys to licence holders by email, text, or post where an email address for a boater is unavailable. The survey is available for completion until 7th March, with the results published in early summer.

Matthew Symonds, National Boating Manager at Canal & River Trust, tells:

“The Annual Perceptions Survey is a great opportunity for boaters to share their thoughts and feelings, so we can get a good sense of how we are doing as a charity, and where we can improve.

 “We know that Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, which have shaped everyone’s life over the past year, have had a significant effect on cruising. We hope you managed to spend some time at the tiller when circumstances allowed. Our colleagues have been working throughout the pandemic to maintain the waterways and support boaters, and we value your feedback on our response. Please make your voice heard if you are invited to take part.”

Annual snapshot

 The survey of randomly selected boaters is an annual snapshot of support for the trust and how it is managing the waterways. It asks boaters how well they think the waterways are being maintained, whether they would recommend the waterways, and their overall satisfaction with the Trust’s waterways.

The Annual Perceptions Survey is complemented by a monthly Waterway Experience Survey that runs from April to September. This second survey is sent to a sample of boaters who are sighted out on the waterways each month and is intended to record boaters’ immediate cruising experience.

logo3A scam

Many boaters have contacted us believing the survey to be a scam, put off somewhat by the strange logo, shown, together with the amateur wording and the somewhat strange questions, many pointing out those about going smokeless as being rather silly.

However we have now been sent the Press Release showing that the survey is in fact official, so boaters can safely enter their responses to the questions and look forward to the trust's conclusion...