CaRT’s withdrawal from Trust

Published: Monday, 28 December 2020

ONE has to wonder if the senior management team of CaRT who have brought to the trust little or no experience of managing a navigation authority are looking at the railways of this country for inspiration, writes Brian Jarret.

Given their leader's previous experience of railways management it may well be the case that they are!

VolePhoneAll at the detriment

Will they perhaps continue to pursue their program of a 'Wellbeing' provider, prioritising facilities for cyclists, walkers, voles and fluffy ducklings, promoting their various 'ego projects'.

All at the detriment of what is supposed to be their primary function of caring for the navigation and preserving the unique historical industrial buildings and sites, until there are no longer sufficient funds to pay their salaries, bonuses and pension contributions and all the freeholds to our heritage sites have been sold?

Follow the example

They could then follow the example of both Stagecoach and Richard Branson with his Virgin Rail franchise and pass the bankrupt, broken system back to the government, wash their hands and walk away from the trust, retaining all their monies and pension rights of course.

Watch this space.