Severe flood warnings along River Great Ouse

Published: Monday, 28 December 2020

AFTER storm Bella, the river levels at Bedford remain high and are rising down river at St. Ives.

Many boats have been recorded as loosing their moorings on the River Great Ouse and being washed over the banks.

BedfordDec2020Check your boats

Owners with boats moored along the river have been urged by the Environmental Agency to check them when it is possible.

Police have warned that there is a 'really serious' situation along the River Great Ouse with people in more than 1,300 properties having been urged to leave their homes as flood levels rise, though it has stabilised in Bedford after the highest recorded level, it is stated.

As the water levels rise further down river, St. Ives is particularly susceptible, with reports of flooding and again boats breaking away from their moorings.  Photograph credit Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue.