Notable exception

Published: Thursday, 24 December 2020

AFTER seeing your article about the breach on the Aire & Calder I searched for more information on the internet, writes James Henry.

Plenty to read about the various work of the emergency services and the Environment Agency all doing their best to safeguard the homes of the people in the path of the deluge from the breach, and even, I assume, the RAF involved at dropping bags of aggregates at the breach, but with one notable exception.

No mention

I could find no mention of any endeavours from Canal & River Trust, who after all is responsible for the navigation.

Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday.  Then we get the message that it is closing the waterway—that is obviously well and truly already closed by its breach!

This brings to mind the Whaley Bridge fiasco and the many excuses of maintenance that the enquiry discovered did not happen, so 'here we go again'.