CaRT to spend £1 million on Leicester waterway

Published: Wednesday, 23 December 2020

THE Canal & River Trust tells that 'Leicester's waterways are to benefit from a £1 million programme of improvements'.

These improvements are to start this month on the Grand Union Canal, with the Trust telling Leicester Mercuryt: 'As well as being of benefit to boaters, the works will make it easier for people living and working nearby to 'feel the health and well-being benefits of being by water and provide a welcome boost to the local economy', Alan Tilbury reports.

Here are the stated 'benefits to boaters':

The first phase of the project will see 1.5km of towpath improved between Kings Lock and Aylestone Mill Bridge, that will be widened and given an all-weather surface.

Better access points are to be created at Packhorse Bridge, to link in with wider improvements being made in the area.

A new path will be built to provide a boost for local businesses with links to Everards Meadow.

Then a project starts in January with work to be carried out to Blue Bank Bridge, which is being resurfaced.

There are plans to create better access from the bridge down onto the canal towpath.

And there will be new signs.