Thames mooring contractors a 'good move'

Published: Thursday, 17 December 2020

I CAN well understand the Environmental Agency bringing in contractors to to oversee boat mooring on the Thames, writes Paul Spencer.

As the agency has either been unable or not interested in controlling the many unregistered boats on the river.

SlumBoatMOseleyEA not capable

From the 'slum boats' at Molesey, (pictured) those at Mill Meadows  and various councils up in arms at the clutter and mess that unregistered boats leave, it was clear the EA was not capable, so passed it all on to contractors who as their sole revenue is from fines for overstaying and breaking its rules, will go all out to get those boaters who believe they have a right to get away without paying, the contractors levying an hefty fine.

As a long standing yacht owner who pays all his dues, I am pleased at the move, as are my friends, all of us heartedly fed up of so many mooring taken up for weeks on end with massive narrowboats, leaving no space for us to have an overnight stay.

No space for a bit of shopping

Time and time again I have pulled in by the supermarket at Reading to find the moorings packed with narrowboats visitors who have little respect for the regulations and leave us no space to stay for a bit of shopping.  Contractors in charge of moorings is a good move.