Thames mooring charges to start early January

Published: Wednesday, 16 December 2020

THOUGH the Environment Agency have not stated, the new mooring regulations on the Thames will start in early January.

On Monday the 4th January the new draconian regulations will come into force bringing in a fine of £150 for even minor offences.

Get to keep all the revenue

It seems the EA has fallen for the usual District Enforcement Ltd contract—no charge to the EA for running the scheme but DE gets to keep all the revenue.

This will give an huge incentive to gather all the revenue it can, so beware any boater who falls foul of its many and confusing regulations.  Regulations that at the moment are not in force yet shown on notice boards at mooring sites, giving the impression they are...

No independent appeals service

Unlike private parking fines there is no statutory requirement for an independent appeals service.

As was stated in narrowboatworld there seems to be no provision should a boat be stranded in the all too often floods on the river or suffer breakdown, and it appears that even on free 24 hours mooring there is the requirement to register upon arrival, presumably by mobile phone.

Visiting boaters should be very aware of the penalties in place, so the notices should be well perused and strictly adhered to, for obviously the company is out to make money.