Yet to see believable results

Published: Monday, 14 December 2020

HAVING been boating for so long I have often been presented by consultations, writes James Henry.

Both British Waterways and Canal & River Trust have showered them on us boaters, but I have yet to see what are believable results coming from them.

Pick and choose

It is very obvious that they 'pick and choose' the sections that are positive towards them, such sections usually being so 'loaded', and as to the results given out, I for one have never believed them, based of course from what my many boating friends have responded to the questions.

We all know the state of our waterways today, the never ending stoppage notices are a very good giveaway, stoppages as you know can last for months instead of being sorted quickly as they were in days gone by.

This latest consultation on terms and conditions as your contributor succinctly pointed out is a jumbled mess obvious cobbled up by many and I see as just another weapon to be able to show that we boaters are in favour—and as Victor would say: Believe it if you will.  We shall see.