Terms and Conditions consultation a 'cobbled-up mess'

Published: Friday, 11 December 2020

AS ONE of the boaters who eventually managed to complete that consultation form for the change in [CaRT's] licensing Terms and Conditions, I agree entirely with what NABO says, writes T. Lang.

As was pointed out if you get so far then save it for later you will discover it has disappeared!  So for the next attempt I gave myself plenty of time and it needs a good 40 minutes as was stated.

Did not make sense

I consider myself an intelligent and well educated person, but I just could not fathom many of the questions, as they just did not make sense in either what they meant or what was their purpose. The ones that had a purpose were so worded as to obviously promote the Terms and Conditions.

NABO summed it up admirably in its finding of many shortcomings that are a mix of bad presentation, hard to read wording, lack of clarity and non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Cobbled-up mess

It was all a cobbled-up mess, obviously slapped together by different people at different times, as NABO suggested.  And I would add if the actual wording of the questions is anything to go by, by people of varying intellect.

It all looks rather worrying for us boaters.