Those Social Media Executives

Published: Friday, 04 December 2020

JOIN the gravy train said Victor of all those new 'positions' advertised by CaRT, writes Jim Cracken.

One of the 'positions' offered surely needs a bit of explanation I think, that of Social Media Executive.  Sorry, it's not one Social Media Executive but two!

Way in excess of £45,500

And being such elevated positions they must surely have secretaries, gofers and the like as support, so the total spend for such worthy people must be way in excess of the £45,500 a year advertised.

I am fairly certain, that like me, many of you must be wondering what on earth these Social Media Executives will do to make it better for us boaters, or even the canals come to that?

Such a great help

But of course, they will spread the word on 'wellbeing'—for what else could they be doing?  So as Victor also saidsuch a great help for us boaters.