Appeal for cash to restore Pocklington Canal lock

Published: Monday, 16 November 2020

THE Pocklington Canal Amenity Society is attempting to raise funds to restore Sandhill Lock.

Having to stop its fund-raising activities owing to coronavirus it has now opened a crowdfunding campaign that has so far raised £3,000, Alan Tilbury reports.

PocklingtonMapMuch lower than normal

However this total is still much lower than normal for no revenue whatsoever was raised by its normal New Horizons boat trips dring this summer owing to the pandemic.

It is hoped to start work on the lock next year, but a total of £150,000 is required to complete the project, hence the crowdfunding attempt.

Two miles to restore

There are still two miles of the 9.5 miles canal left to restore, that brings it from the Derwent at Cottingwith to Pocklington.  It is a broad canal with eight locks and unusually also eight swing bridges.

Tim Charlson at the society, who is in charge of fundraising explained:

“Coronavirus has had a huge effect on our efforts to bring in funds this year, with the only large amount coming through a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year.

“Luckily for us, we are all volunteers so every penny we raise goes straight to the canal restoration projects."

We have no information concerning the crowdfunding page, but the society's web site can be found at Pocklington.