Can't use waterways so should not pay

Published: Monday, 09 November 2020

I have to agree with T. Lang that if we can't use it [waterways] then we should not be made to pay for it, writes John Coxon.

The lame excuse by CaRT that the system is little used in winter so does not justify a refund just does not wash. Perhaps we should find out if this is legal. If they are charging for services not provided then I think we have a good case here?


It might even be worth looking into it see if compensation should be made payable when boats are prevented from moving because of CaRT's incompetence, re: the 10 day stoppage at Lock 2 on the Atherstone flight caused by their engineers last month?

If CaRT are preventing us boaters from using the waterway normally in any way then they should give us compensation for that time period.  They certainly take it from us quickly enough!

For them just to say we don't use the system as much in winter as we do in summer is completely false.  Just about all continuous cruisers use the system as much in winter as they do in summer as they have to keep moving every 14 days no matter what the season so there's no change for us at all!

Boaters not included

If we are then prevented from using the system by CaRT or the government then we should be compensated by them properly!  Others are quite rightly being compensated for being prevented from going about their normal daily lives so why are boaters not being included in this?

Why are we being penalised for obeying the laws that are enacted by parliament?

You can bet your lives that CaRT will be claiming every penny it can from the government to compensate themselves and their staff for their losses and to cover their salaries etc. So how about compensating us boaters for our losses?