Can't use waterways but still have to pay

Published: Friday, 06 November 2020

WE ARE told by CaRT that we can't use the waterways but still have to pay, writes T. Lang.

In its notice it makes clear that we cannot have even little trips and most certainly cannot stay overnight on our boat but no reduction on our boat licence is being offered.


The excuse is that it is the time of winter maintenance and there is little usage, but I disagree, as I have always taken my boat out in the winter months, and as to maintenance stoppages, we have them all the time now, so what's new?

November on the waterways is delightful, as many of you, who we see also cruising, know.  The autumn colours are a delight to see and that little 'nip' in the air gives a sense of—dare I say it?wellbeing!, that you certainly don't get with the noisy summer hassle, what CaRT would like you to believe,

I have to ask—can it be legal to demand payment for a service that is not allowed?