Making Braunston Tunnel one-way cannot be correct

Published: Monday, 26 October 2020

Surely this cannot be correct in particular for Braunston Tunnel, writes Roger Spurr.

You have no idea when you may get to the tunnel as all three approaches have time consuming lock flights.

Easily two way

The tunnel is easily two way and we have navigated this, passing many a boat without incident. The whole point of the canal system is based on free passage with no timetable to stress you out and adhere to.

If this mission creep continues it will be impossible to get from Braunston to Foxton in less than four days, having to arrive in plenty of time with little or no moorings either side of the booked obstruction.

Wide beams or canoeists?

Is this move to allow wide beams or canoeists?  I am afraid this has to be a non-starter or the end of the cut for many free wheeling owners.