CaRT tell boater to apply for licence he already has!

Published: Monday, 28 September 2020

Even though we are facing this terrible pandemic CaRTs Snotty Letters Office is alive and well, writes Brian Walklet.

Despite having an equalities licence, they're moaning about my lack of movement with thinly veiled threats of a six month licence as punishment for not being a person in the rudest of rude health.

Had licence for three years

To be helpful, they have suggested that I could apply for an equalities licence despite my having held one for the last three years!

No matter, the Snotty Letter must be seen to be created and duly delivered in a plain white envelope without delay.

Equalities licence

Brian tells that an equalities status means if you have a continuous cruiser licence you must move every 14 days normally but if you have a disability of certain ailments (which has to be proven with medical records etc) more lenience is given to the 14 day movements rule, so in law their rules have to be relaxed somewhat.

They could suggest a smaller cruising range for instance or longer mooring periods than 14 days.  This is not CaRT being kind, but a result of equalities legislation finally catching up with them!  It's similar to the laws applied in the workplace.