Trent re-opens at Nottingham

Published: Monday, 31 August 2020

THE repair to Meadow Lane Lock at Nottingham has been completed and the Trent re-opened for navigation.

It was this lock that was damaged when men were seen attempting to access their narrowboat's hull by hanging in on the mooring bollards and allowing the water out of the lock, as was reported in narrowboatworld.


It proved disastrous as the weight of the boat pulled out a bollard taking the massive coping stones with it and destroying the ladder and at the same time closing the lock for three weeks as a crane had to be brought in the retrieve the stones.

It was at first thought by Canal & River Trust that vandals had somehow caused the damage, but it was a passer-by who reported in to us with the photograph of the damage as shown below.  With the stones replaced and the ladder repaired the lock was open again over the week-end.


Trent locks closed

However, with a staff member at West Stockwith Lock being tested positive for coronavirus, that lock connecting the Trent with the Chesterfield Canal and also Keadby Lock connecting the river with the Stainforth & Keadby Canal are both closed, as the staff alternate with both locks.