Trent in flood

Published: Thursday, 27 August 2020

FOLLOWING on the advice that the Soar was in flood and closed, we are told the Upper Trent is in flood and closed.

Consequently, both Cranfleet and Sawley flood locks are closed, with the notice from Canal & River Trust—We advise users of all boats not to navigate because the strong flows make it difficult and dangerous (Locks may be closed), Keith Gudgin reports.

F2SunkThe reason given

It seems that 'Caution strong stream' is the reason now given for such dangerous conditions.

Alas, unlike the floating pontoons  of White Mills Marina, featured today, the pontoons at Sawley Marina on this river have no such luxury, hence the sinkings (pictured).  There were three in the last flood.

This occurs when boats are tied with their roofs (so unable to rise) or no 'string' holding them back from going under the jetty.