Entire Soar closed!

Published: Wednesday, 26 August 2020

A KNEE jerk reaction to the recently heavy rain caused Canal & River Trust to close the entire length of the Soar!

This means that yesterday (Tuesday) the Trust issued a 'Navigation Closure' notice covering the entire length of the river from where it joins the the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal right down to Redhill where it joins the Trent, Keith Gudgin reports.

Most misleading

Instead of the normal 'Navigation Closed' the ambiguous 'Navigation Closure' is most misleading for boaters cruising the river, especially as theTrust, under 'Strong Stream Warning', then advises 'users of all boats not to navigate the Grand Union Canal from Kings Lock, through to the River Soar at Redhill Lock because the strong flows make it difficult and dangerous (Locks may be closed)'.

Such ambiguity is indeed misleading, and the Trust really should tell if it is open or closed, as this waffling is of no use to anyone, and downright dangerous.