David: Still more notices

Published: Saturday, 15 August 2020

CaRT's Department of Silly Notices has been working overtime during the current panic, plastering the system with pointless placards intending to freeze our blood.

Fortunately most of them are laminated paper and will not last long. Their core campaign to spread the stupid sinking tyre logo everywhere nevertheless continues at pace.

They promised that they would only replace notices when the old ones had worn out—so how come every single notice around Stourport Basin has been replaced and I have seen two vans with 15 and 16 registration numbers branded in the new livery?

LockIronPlateThe latest appearance of the logo is on a date plate for a new lock gate (see picture), but for some reason it is not painted blue.  It would be more use if they concentrated their efforts on notices that actually need updating.

Last year they widened the towpath in Edgbaston tunnel on the Worcester and Birmingham to make it safer for cyclists and walkers.  This meant that it was no longer possible for two boats to pass in the tunnel.  Is there any indication of this for boaters?

No, there is not; all they have done is to stick a length of black tape over 'two way working' on the standard safety notice but given no other indication of the change.  Anyone not using a completely up to date guide book will get a shock if they enter the tunnel when a boat is coming the other way.

Ashby Canal

A very odd 'advice notice' appeared today, saying that the Ashby Canal is very low on water and 'very difficult' to travel.  They are trying to bring water from the Coventry Canal.

It is difficult to see how this can happen, since there is no physical barrier between the Coventry and the Ashby, which forms a continuous pound of 36 miles with the Coventry between Atherstone and Coventry Basin.

If the Ashby is low, then I would have thought the Coventry is too.  This sudden shortage suggests that they have got a very big leak somewhere.

David Hymers