Plans to transform 100 miles of towpath

Published: Thursday, 13 August 2020

THAT was the headline in an edition of The Times this week, outlining Canal & River Trust's new plans to upgrade its towpaths for walkers.

This follows on other such statements in the Press from the Trust, it telling that the plans cover more than 100 miles of towpath upgrades at a 'cost of about £45 millions'.

Now fallen off

This is backed by such statements as the use of towpaths doubled in some places in recent months as more people exercised during lockdown, though boaters report such use has now fallen off dramatically especially where there have been the many attacks.

A statement to back-up the huge spending includes that 'more than eight million people live near the routes' and the Trust has submitted proposals to the Department of Transport which it says 'will help meet the government's objectives of reducing obesity, air pollution and traffic congestion'.

Raise £4 millions in benefits

Another statement is that the upgrading of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal towpath between Bradford and Leeds that cost £2 millions is forecast to raise £4 millions in benefits, mainly in improved health and reduced congestion as a result of people using the route instead of driving.

This article follows an earlier one in The Telegraph on a similar theme.