Massive Trent development at Nottingham

Published: Thursday, 06 August 2020

A MASSIVE development on the Trent in Nottingham is now taking shape.

Situated between the two football stadiums in the city, a very different view will hit boaters as they drop down onto the river off the Nottingham Canal, Alan Tilbury reports.

Trent developmentFour blocks of flats

Already there are four blocks of flats in the process of being constructed on the riverside, as can be seen, with further development due including houses in terraces.

The development is named Trent Bridge Quays and is costing £30m with this, the second phase, to be completed next year.

No shortage of takers

We are told that over half of the first phase of the homes have been sold, that included a one bedroom apartment at £192.500 up to a three bedroom at £345,000, with no shortage of takers.