A daily list of stoppages is needed

Published: Monday, 27 July 2020

I HAVE been a regular reader of your site for many years but this is the first time I have put fingers to a keyboard to contact you.

Like I expect many other boaters I have been caught-up in stoppages, three up to date, though I am a frequent boater though not a continuous cruiser, writes Anthony Gray.

Tend to get confused

The purpose of this missive concerns all those stoppages that we are now getting and though I get stoppage notices, there are so many covering all means of things that you tend to get confused of what is closed and what is not, and I would suggest to the Canal & River Trust that what is needed is a daily list of the navigations that are closed, so that we knew were we were.

As I cannot see them doing this as it would reflect badly on them with having to show a list of stoppages every day I cannot see it happening for that is why they send individual notices out and also make it difficult to find what is closed and what is not on their site, it listing scores of waterways that are not even used.

Not too reliable

I know from experience that they do not send out notices of all stoppages either, as one I was stopped at had no notice, so they are not too reliable, and the mistakes in them are legion.  So this means that such as yourselves could not undertake such a daily list for you would not be aware of all the stoppages.  But a daily list would be appreciated I am sure.

Just an idea.