Usual 'Narrow' problem

Published: Friday, 17 July 2020

IT'S the usual problem yet again on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

Lack of water of course, as the leaking waterway is closed at its start in Huddersfield at the Stanley Dawson Lock (1E).

Open then closed again

safter4It was closed at the start of this month, open for a few days but now closed again as—to give the official reason—'Due to fluctuating water levels Lock 1 is non operational and is closed to navigation', Keith Gudgin reports.

Though there has been 'emergency passage'we ourselves experienced this way back in 2011, (pictured) but we had help from Fred who told it was a regular occurrence, so water was let down to fill the then empty pound that leaks overnight and we eventually managed to get through until later stuck in silt further towards the tunnel.

Again stopped

The "emergency passage" had commenced after the last stoppage on the 6th July, but is again stopped.

But these are the joys of the Huddersfield Narrow, for at least it is definitely something very different, and the tunnel is something not to be missed.