A boating link into Stratford

Published: Friday, 10 July 2020

A GRANDIOSE scheme has been hatched by Stratford District Council as a way of helping the town recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

It has submitted a funding bid for £2millions to the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Project, to create a green corridor, Roger Fox reports.


The corridor would extend from the Avon into the town to the rear of its leisure centre, and would, it is stated  'revitalise our river frontage, creating a new high quality public realm, opening up new routes into the town, reducing congestion, improving air quality and setting the town up to play a key part in the economic regeneration of the region in the post COVID-19 world'.

Though as yet there are no finer details, the scheme would include a boating link into the town in addition to cycle paths and footpaths, with the council contributing £300,000 towards the project.

Boating link

Roger suggests the boating link would be from what is at present the Fisherman’s Car Park on Warwick Road into the town, presumably at Bancroft Gardens.  The current car park is all that remains of an Avon swimming facility dating from pre WW2. It was closed many years ago following a string of drownings.