Not looking too good for boaters

Published: Monday, 06 July 2020

WE SHOULD surely all have hoped that with the waterways open at long last there would now be a period of trouble-free boating, but alas no, with even health and safety taking the blame.

Canal & River Trust state that the Coventry Canal is closed due to 'structural failure' of Lock 10 on the Atherstone Flight, and structural failure it is as its top gate collar and bracket are broken so cannot be operated, Keith Gudgin reports.

But not being able to operate is not the reason given for the stoppage, as we are now told: 'Due to health and safety reasons the lock will remain closed until the gate collar is fixed'.  Tuesday—it is now fixed.

Then strangely it tells us the stoppage starts at MCB Leicester Causeway and ends at MCB Leicester Causeway.

Kennet & Avon

Next it's the Kennet & Avon and Church Swingbridge again, that failed last Tuesday with a mechanical failure, was reopened but gave up the ghost again yesterday, Sunday, and has another 'mechanical failure'.  As to if it is the same failure that was not properly fixed or a different one we are not made aware.

'Mechanics' are attending today we are informed.

It gets worse

It gets worse, as the Trent is closed, that makes something of a mockery of the announcement that Cromwell Lock is now manned for long hours though boats are unable to get to it through Newark, as its Nether Lock needs serious repair work and will be closed for the next two weeks.

It gets even worse, as the Calder & Hebble will be closed until next Spring, meaning there is no longer access either to or from the Rochdale or Huddersfield Narrow onto the Trent until next year.

It was the Figure of Three locks that were damaged in the Storm Ciara floods in February, but at the moment work is progressing on engineering designs and permissions for the repairs to the flood damage, repairs that have not yet started.


For the early starters, If you are heading towards any flights don't forget the major ones now have time restrictions, with such as Foxton on the Leicester Section that does not now open until 10am and only for four hours.

The flights on the Leeds & Liverpool all have similar restrictions and also are closed early afternoons.


And don't forget you are unable to cruise through Leicester owing to coronavirus restrictions.

Not looking too good at all for boaters, for we all know that more is yet to come...