Man arrested for dumping statue in Bristol Harbour

Published: Friday, 03 July 2020

A MAN has been arrested and held over criminal damage after dumping a statue in Bristol Harbour.

Edward ColstonThis was a gang of protestors supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign who dumped the statue of  Edward Colston into Bristol harbour after it was vandalised, but the whole occurrence was filmed and it was seen who was responsible with a man now arrested.


The bronze memorial to the 17th Century merchant was torn down in Bristol during a protest on 7th June and was dumped in the harbour, and now a 24 years old man has been arrested, with Avon and Somerset Police stating it would review footage of a 'small group of people' filmed pulling down the statue with ropes.

The investigation remains ongoing with the man held on suspicion of criminal damage.  The broken statue has been recovered and will be repaired and given a new home in a museum.