Two more navigations closed

Published: Thursday, 02 July 2020

FOUR days to the 'Grand Opening' of the navigations next Monday and two more are closed.

hud guillotineFollowing on the two stoppages on the Kennet & Avon we announced on Tuesday, comes news of two further stoppages—on the Huddersfield Narrow and the Trent, Keith Gudgin reports.

The 'Narrow' has its 'monthly' stoppage, closed by a failure at its guillotine lock (25E) at Slaithwaite that is 'due to a fault', with Canal & River Trust stating it hopes to have it working as soon as possible.

More serious

The stoppage on the Trent however is more serious with major repair work required to get Nether Lock (14) at Newark back in action, though no details of the failure have been given.

It will be out of action for the rest of this week and next week, as a work boat will be required on site.