Leeds & Liverpool opening three days earlier

Published: Wednesday, 01 July 2020

DUE to the improved reservoir water levels the Leeds & Liverpool Canal will now open this coming Friday, the 3rd July.

This decision has been reached as the reservoirs supplying the navigation, according the the Environmental Agency, are either at capacity or near capacity so the original opening date of the 6th of July has been brought forward to the 3rd, Keith Gudgin reports.

Still manage water levels

However, the Trust states that it must still manage the water levels on the canal so all the flights from Wigan to Bingley Five Rise will still be under restriction.

Though some differences in opening times of the flights they will mostly be available from 10am until 4pm or 5pm daily.

The exceptions are Wigan flight that will open in the mornings from 8.30am until 10am for entry and 12.30pm until 2pm for exit.

Combined flights

The combined flights of Bingley Five Rise, Bingley Three Rise, and Kirkstall to Newlay Locks have passage down at 8am with last entry 9am.  Passage up these lock flights between are 10am with last entry 11am.

In the afternoon passage down is at 1pm with last entry 2pm. Passage up is 3pm with last entry 4pm.

Both the top and bottom locks will be closed between these times to ensure no more boats can gain entry to the flight.