Who is kidding who?

Published: Wednesday, 01 July 2020

I SHOULD imagine that many of you saw through that claim of an increase of 315% in hire bookings, writes T. Lang.

It was ABC Boat Hire who told it’s 'bookings are currently 315% up on last year compared to last year's booking at the same time'.

Just relaxed use of waterways

But of course they would be, as CaRT had just relaxed its use of the waterways, and so all those people who had been waiting to see if they would be able to get a hire boat this season, then rushed in to book, so up went the bookings through the roof.

Not only that but I should not think there would be many people booking their summer hire boat at the end of June last year, more likely the previous December or January of the year to make sure they get the boat they want.

There is little doubt there will be  lot less hire boats about for the remainder of the season after CaRT decided to what amounts to killing the trade off by closing the waterways.