Is Ashby Canal towpath change legal?

Published: Monday, 29 June 2020

IT'S BEEN a very long tine since I went along the Ashby Canal, so I can't envisage the situation very well, writes Paul Robinson.

However from what Keith says it appears CaRT have effectively changed the use of some of the moorings from leisure boat visitors' moorings to commercial moorings operated by the marina.

Probably require planning permission

If so this should probably require planning permission, which would not be easy to get.  In addition the local council responsible for planning would probably not want to lose the visitors' moorings because of the loss of trade to local businesses in Market Bosworth.

A call or letter to the District Council might be a good idea.

Need challenging

I firmly believe CaRT needs challenging at every step, because I think they are operating outside the law. I used to work in local government and know that public bodies and charities are bound by the law and the laws which govern their setting up, and cannot do whatever they like.