People risking their lives

Published: Friday, 26 June 2020

THE Canal & River Trust is warning against people leaping into its Saddington Reservoir near Market Harborough.

Over 200 adults and children jumped into Saddington Reservoir on Wednesday with a similar number yesterday, Thursday, many of they after drinking alcohol, Alan Tilbury reports.

SaddingtonJun20A warning

As a well known beauty spot, the reservoir attracted hundreds of people wanting to cool-off in the hot weather, but the Trust issued a warning that jumping into the cold water on a hot day causes a shock to the system, with alcohol not helping matters.

With many released from the confines of the coronavirus pandemic, there is the urge to get out into the countryside particularly to water, but the Trust warn against jumping into water with its spokesman telling:

Risking their lives

“With the nation basking in soaring temperatures, and with swimming pools still closed due to coronavirus,  people taking a dip in their nearest waterway are risking their lives. Canal and river water will be very cold, even in the summer.

“That can take your breath away and paralyse your muscles, making it difficult to swim—and it will often hide dangerous obstacles or currents.”