Proves who it cares about

Published: Thursday, 25 June 2020

ONE small passage contained in the information from Canal & River Trust about allowing overnight stays proves who it cares about, writes James Henry.

The few words 'please move aside to allow others to pass safely, using the full width of the path'.  Proves once and for all it is the visitors to the towpaths that are all important, and we boaters must move aside to allow them to pass.

An insult to boaters

It says it all doesn't it?  We must not alight from our boats if people are passing on the towpath but wait until it is all clear,  Not the other way round that those freeloading on our towpaths must 'move aside' to allow boaters to tie up their boats or be able to step off.  This is an insult to boaters.

Someone once wrote—I think it was Victorthat Canal & River Trust should be re-named the Towpath Trust.  And so it should.